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People Who Inspire: Sarita Handa

November 14, 2017

Sarita Handa is an Indian brand synonymous with luxurious textiles and impeccable craftsmanship. Since the establishment of its business in 1992, ‘SARITA HANDA’ has focused on its key strengths – design, innovation, exquisite detailing and quality workmanship.

What started out as an internationally inspired textile and linen range being the focus has turned into a comprehensive line of furniture and decorative accessories which are in complete harmony with the lifestyle products so painstakingly and selectively sourced by their team. Sarita Handa is more than just a home furnishing brand, it is a total home design resource.

This year Sarita Handa celebrates 25 years of modernizing Indian fabrics. To commemorate this event, a beautiful exhibition was organized by the iconic brand featuring collaborations with leading artists across the country along with the brand’s rare and vintage collections of textiles at Bikaner House in New Delhi. The artists who brought this vision to life were, Satish Gupta, designer duo Gunjan Arora and Rahul Jain, Arrti Mansinghka, and Jeevan Xavier.

I would personally have loved to be there and enjoy the gorgeous artworks firsthand…well that’s not possible with me being so far away, so I did the next best thing……asked Mrs. Handa, Founder and Creative Head of the company for an exclusive interview for Villamarigold readers.

Interview right after these sigh inducing images 🙂

This is what Mrs. Handa had to say

1) Please tell us a little about your background. What led you to start Sarita Handa brand?

Sarita Handa was born from my love for textiles especially sarees. Being an army wife, I travelled the length and breadth of the country and then I channelled this passion in a company. With all my love and experience that I gathered over the years, I founded Sarita Handa with a list of customers I wanted to be associated with and a love for textiles and an eye for detail.

2) What inspires you every day and what are your hopes for the brand in future?

My inspiration lies in the everyday beauty of Indian craftsmanship and my travels. Going forward our focus is to go Global. The idea is to take inspiration from the traditional to present something contemporary for the aware consumer and take this cause of made in India to an international platform.

3) Do you have a favourite amongst your collections? If so… which one and why?

The Log Cabin collection and sunburst collection are a few of my favourites. These are a part of our iconic collections. The amount of expertise and intricate labour that goes in these patchwork quilts is what makes them special. More than 40 prints and numerous hours go in one quilt. It is a true epitome of handwork at its best!

4) How would you describe your design aesthetic?

The aesthetics has always been about contemporizing the traditional without taking away from its essence. The fabric and prints and the technique has always been the hero of our products and it’s us all very minimal.

5) Can you please give a little insight into the working of Sarita Handa. Where are you based? How many people do you employ? Do you outsource some of the work ? 

Sarita Handa operates from Manesar in India and we now employ more than 3000 people. A part of our collections is also about providing livelihood to artisans and collaborating with them for new collections, so we do tie up with craftsmen for our collections.

6) What is the best decor advice you would give to Villamarigold readers?

Decor is about channelling what resonates with you. Your space has to be your happy place so pick what you like and keep it minimal and simple.

7) Your message to budding women entrepreneurs

There is no age limit or time limit to your dreams. Believe in yourself and do the best you can, the rest will surely follow.

Leaving you with some shots of the textile exhibition organised in collaboration with leading Indian artists. You can know more about the exhibition here.


Note: Sarita Handa does not sell their products online yet but are launching their e-commerce website soon.

Their products can be ordered through the company’s social media handles.

All images are copyright of Saritahanda. Please do not use without permission.

Until next time…….keep walking towards your dreams…