Hello! I’m Hemal, photographer, curator, collector, stylist, decorator and content creator for

Villa Marigold“.

Welcome to my blog,  this is a place for my creative outlet and a catalog of my travels. I truly believe that a home should reflect happy vibes and be a collection of memories and inspiration brought from travels, time spent with family and friends and should reflect the journey of our wonderful lives.

I’m an Architect by training and have worked extensively in the field of art and culture. My obsessions are interior design and art. Currently I’m enjoying my life as an expat wife in beautiful Nairobi. As a family we love travelling and my decor style has been greatly influenced by my travels and memories of my home country, India. At Villa Marigold I aim to bring you an eclectic mix of Global decor inspiration with focus on Indian, African and Oriental styles.

Hope you enjoy my happy decor stories and if you have some nice things to say, please do drop me a line here