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Huma’s warm and welcoming Nairobi home

May 5, 2017

I had a chance meeting with the very gracious Huma Butt when she invited a common group of friends to learn Baklava. Not only did I end up learning her lip smacking recipe but also couldn’t stop appreciating her tastefully done up home. I just had to share this gorgeous home with you all.

Huma originally hails from Pakistan but has been living in Nairobi for more than 30 years. Huma and her husband have put in a lot of hard work into designing and lovingly collecting furniture and artwork for their home, which clearly reflects in the warmth that this beautiful space emits.

Huma recalls that it was the positive vibe of this place that made her choose this apartment over others. When she chose this place about a decade ago, there was construction going on with rubble all around her but she went by her instinct and is very happy with her decision today.

So here is a tour of her warm and welcoming space! Enjoy!

Living Room

This is the heart of the home as the couple love to entertain a lot. The dining space seamlessly flows into the living space with easy access from the kitchen.

Beautiful handmade Persian kilims are spread all over the house and do a great job of adding warmth to the space

The eye catching mirror and Dining furniture has been designed by the couple and handmade by local craftsmen in Nairobi

 Living room opens into a lovely balcony which brings in loads of sunlight
Tasteful artworks  purchased from a gallery in Lahore

This hand carved Centre table from Pakistan is one of Huma’s treasured pieces. Its more than 40 years old.


The Balcony

I had shared this swing on my Instagram feed and was much appreciated. This is the homeowners place of choice to relax and unwind .

 Reading and Entertainment room

Perfect corner for good read and hot beverage!
This pair of lamps were designed by Huma and executed by local iron smiths. Daybed is also handcrafted locally


Simple and serene spaces with tasteful accessories and textiles

A room with a view

The decorated chest is from Zanzibar Island and furniture is beautifully crafted in Nairobi


This pretty Kitchen has an even prettier breakfast nook

Homeowner’s favourite pieces

Pair of antique chairs from Lamu Island (Kenya) are treasured pieces. The brass artefacts are from Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)


I hope you enjoyed this home tour as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Thank You dear Huma for very kindly opening your home and welcoming us for a tour.

All images copyright of Huma Butt.