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DIY shell display

October 29, 2017

This Diwali I got a couple of incense boxes and I had empty ones lying with me for a while. My kids have lovingly collected many shells during our vacations to beautiful beaches hence this is a project that I have been wanting to do for a long time as I simply love those shells and they are kind of a visual display of beautiful memories of beach side vacations. So here goes….

Incense gift boxes

For this project you will need:

empty incense boxes or any other boxes like these


Acrylic paints, disposable plate to mix paint, water, any size paintbrush, shells, and tack-it which is a kind of removable adhesive but you can always use glue of any kind
Paint the trays and let them dry. If you are not using much water, a single coat of paint is enough


Use tack-it or glue to fix shells on the trays


Tada !!!!!!! Your display is ready to go up on the wall !


This image was my inspiration for this DIY. It is the home of designer India Hicks


This is how it looks on my workspace


Please excuse me for the light in these images. Its cloudy today and this room does not get enough light so don’t know how to deal with that 🙁 . But for now…enjoying my shell display. Do let me know how you like it …

Until next time…..get out of your shell and spread the light!