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DIY Paper Stencil Rangoli

October 3, 2017

My favourite festival is almost here and I’m so excited to be doing all the decorating, partying etc etc…! Its so much fun to get together with friends and family and just have a good time! In the spirit of this beautiful season, I will be sharing some offbeat Diwali decor ideas…you can also check my instagram for frequent updates.

Last year , I did a lotus theme rangoli with paper stencil and it is one of my most repinned images on Pinterest. Many people have requested for a tutorial so here’s my humble attempt at one…hope you like it!

Image from last year’s lotus themed Diwali rangoli

With the busy lives that we are living today, I prefer to start decorating the house well in advance. Today I’m sharing with you a rangoli idea which can stay on the floor for a long time. This DIY is quite easy if you have a steady hand…..hope you enjoy making this kind of rangoli for the coming festive season!

Step1: Choose a design from web and get a printout. I would like to have a subtle peacock theme this year so I chose a peacock feather design.

I printed the design on regular A4 size printing paper.

Step 2: Take a sharp blade and cut the dark portion out. I prefer the old shaving blades but any kind of blade you are comfortable with will work fine.

Step 3: After you have your cutout stencil ready, these are the things you should gather: Poster colours/acrylic colours, brushes, water for washing brushes, tissues for cleaning brushes and ear buds to wipe away excess paint.

Step 4: Place your paper on the floor where you intend to make the rangoli, if you are making a pattern think of the spacing now and place paper accordingly. You can also use tile edges as your guidelines. Start painting while holding the paper firmly with one hand.

Step5: Once you finish painting, remove paper, the design will not look perfect at this time so use the earbud to remove excess paint and now again paint over the previous design with a thick coat of paint. this time without the stencil.

Step6: Continue with the pattern repeating this design. Here I have flipped the stencil to make a pattern.

Step7: Lastly, your design is ready….now you can decorate it with tealights, diyas, flowers and Enjoy!!!

Some points to consider: Don’t fret over perfection, if you are not feeling too confident, choose a simple design first. You can do a monochrome or add as many colours as you wish, but I have noticed that only some poster colours like red and green work well on tile surface, others seemed watery.

If you try this DIY, please do drop me a line and share your experience!

Until next time: Spread Light and Joy !!!