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Diah by Mana : modern mini light with endless applications

November 1, 2017

Have you ever seen a hollow, cordless & modular light that needs no plug points, bulbs or lighters? Well! Diah is here for you.

Diah is an innovative lighting concept created by a Lifestyle brand from Singapore, MaNa. Mana is a brainchild of dynamic young entrepreneurs Sid Butalia and Mandara Nagaraj.

Diah is a  multi-purpose, modular and portable LED paper light that effortlessly adds ambience to any environment. Its unique design allows you to wrap, hang or string many together to make beautiful lighting structures. All you have to do is snap them on!

 So thrilled to share with you all that this wonderful product has launched today on kickstarter 

As Sid Butalia, Inventor of Diah explains:

“Diah was created for those who love to DIY but don’t have the time or energy to create something unique. If you play with Diah like legos , you can create beautiful light structures with exceptional lighting. We wanted to design a portable LED light that you could take camping or to a fancy dinner. After many months of research and prototyping we have come out with a light that is minimally designed to maximise versatility.”

Diah is a modern mini light that is ready to assemble the moment you receive it. Just snap the magnetic ends of the paper together and you have instant ambient light. Its lightweight and flat design makes Diah the perfect on the go light – just slip it into your bag and you’re off!

Ideal for last minute parties, weddings or even a dark corner in the wild, this light is designed for anyone that wants to create beautiful light-scapes. string many together to make fairy lights and chandeliers or wrap them around trees and poles for makeshift tiki torches. One thing is for certain: With Diah you can create insta-worthy moments in every snap.

You can find more information on

Diah weighs just under an ounce and is the lightest light. Take it wherever you want to !
Diah turns from a flat piece of paper into a light in just one snap!



Make larger lights by joining two together
Diah isn’t just a lone paper light. String many together to make fairy lights and chandeliers.




Minimally designed to maximize versatility,  Wrap them around trees and poles for makeshift tiki torches. The applications are endless.


Powered by universal cell batteries, these lights are fire-safe and flameless making it an ideal choice for camping, kids birthday parties and more!

Thanks to its flat design, diah slips into your bag and can tag along to your friends’ outdoor BBQ, a midnight stroll at the beach or even, a quiet dinner for two. This makes Diah a portable light like no other! Stripping the concept of decorative lights to its bare minimum, creating a cordless, lightweight and modular product. 

Wow! isn’t this revolutionary?? How cool is this unique solution to decorative lighting that transforms a flat piece of paper into a radiant light by the simple snap of its magnetic ends !

So what are you waiting for? Get you amazing affordable Diah here!

Until next time!! Have fun decorating…..