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Dealing with a narrow space

March 15, 2017
My feature wall is in a long hallway which connects our living room with the bedrooms. This area is difficult to photograph as it is narrow. To work my way around this and add interest, I have tried to create  a vista which ends in a focal point. On one side of the corridor are my collection of masks and favourite objects and at the far end of the corridor is a focal point featuring a bright artwork.

This kind of vista helps me tie the space together with the help of bright colours. I have masks from Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, SriLanka and Indonesia in my collection. The small table under the masks houses my favourite objects which i keep rotating from time to time. Currently beaded dolls from Cameroon are adding prettiness to this space. Bright rugs finish the look.
At the very end of the hallway is a contrast with Indian inspired elements. A bright painting which i did ( a copy of Late Shri. S.H.Raza’s work) is the focal point. Under this painting is my collection of brass objects. I keep rotating these too.
Ideally,I would have liked to paint small motifs on the feature mask wall but since our place is rented it is not possible. Hope you enjoyed this part of my home …..I had so much fun putting it all together.