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A soulful home with happy vibes

March 24, 2017

This is a topic close to my heart and I strive constantly to achieve this in my home. A soulful, happy home goes well beyond the style and size of your abode. Here I’m sharing some thoughts on achieving a home that all of us wish for.

Light and Ventilation

There is nothing  more put off than entering a dark, dim, stagnant place. A breezy room with lots of natural light pouring in would instantly lift up your senses and reflect positive vibes .

Light filled living room

Bedroom with bright light streaming in

A place for everything

I know this can be very hard to achieve and I myself struggle with this quite often but I must say it is worthwhile to keep trying. Believe me, if you work at this….there will be more good days than otherwise. keep motivating everyone in the house to do the same….this is a constant work in progress but worthwhile.

A pleasant smelling home

A pleasant smelling home is appealing to everyone! I still remember the time from my childhood days when my grandmother would burn dhoop (incense and herbs) every evening.This would not only ward off mosquitoes but also leave a pleasant lingering aroma throughout the house. I have an incense drawer in my kitchen in which I keep all my incense, candles, camphor and essential oils.  One thing that most people shy away from is the smell of cooking, I feel this is not a bad thing! A vanilla cake baking in the oven or aromatic rice being cooked on the stove give away such mouthwatering smells. I agree that not all cooking smells are welcome but a lot of them are.

A sweet smelling home to bring in feel good vibes

Display memorabilia

After all your home is meant to be a canvas to narrate the wonderful story of  your life, so go ahead and display your travel memories, family photos, artwork done by your kids etc. These personal touches add a soul to your space. I would like to add here that the main decorator of the house always tends to go overboard with his or her personal style. It is important to be inclusive in the decorating process. Framed photographs taken by your spouse displayed in the corridor will make all family members so proud. A beautiful piece of embroidery done by your mother in law or pieces bought by your in laws or parents during travels can narrate such happy stories. Don’t forget thoughtful gifts from friends too.

This vignette celebrates my love for handmade objects with a dose of nostalgia. Mask was made by my son when he was 8, vases were bought during our stay in Japan, theses cute owls were purchased many years ago in Delhi, planter is a flea market find and in the frame is a fragment of gorgeous handmade paper that my father in law got from Tanzania very many years ago

Travel finds and gathered objects displayed around the house

Practice restraint

Can’t stress enough on this one! We buy and collect so much that it is easy to go overboard with decor. Too much stuff can make people nervous and uncomfortable. It is not only stressful for a visitor but you have to spend more time and energy to maintain the house.  So edit, edit and edit some more. Bring out only as much as you can handle and store the rest.

Add greens

The power of green is unquestionable. All of us do not have the luxury of a garden so bring in greens in doses  as your space allows. A balcony done up with potted plants can provide a quite haven from the humdrum of city life. Adding a collection of indoor plants to your living area brings in so much life into a space. The joy of having living, breathing plants around you is such a mood lifter. Even a grouping of green cuttings displayed in pretty up cycled bottles on a windowsill will do the trick.

Create a me space

It can be a simple desk or a yoga/meditation space or just a comfy chair for reading. Whatever works for your lifestyle.

A calming meditation space. Image via

An attitude of gratitude

Though not directly decor related, I believe a living space reflects the positive energy and good vibes of its occupants. By focusing on the positives in our lives it becomes easier to balance the stress and fears that all of us are faced with every single day.

Lastly,  creating a soulful, happy home is all about having fun! Its a constant work in progress.Do not take your decor too seriously, do what you feel right and your home will reflect the happiness.

Until then…….Happy decorating 🙂